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New battlelog

News 1

Dear members of Battlelog.

Yesterday we launched the version of Battlelog!

We teamed up with the successful BCS-Team which helped over 1000 of people out with Battlefield 3.After launcing a the new version of Battlelog, we've got our hands on Teamspeak 3 server. It's 100% free to use, and you're all welcome to join it. (IP:

Also after a long voting periode on Battlelog, we decided to make a forum and a live chat where we can help you out. If you got any kind problems that out Tutorials or fixes couldn't help with, don't hesitate join today for free and contact us asap, and we will try to work out your problem.


Our crew got many years of gaming, pc and hardware experience so they know what they are doing.


Please signup today on our forum -

And spread the word, we are here to help you when nobody else will!


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