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30-08-2015 12:38
Shout out to my haters hahaha

24-07-2015 00:20

12-07-2015 20:29
IM playing hardline and did a community mission and trying to get my reward

29-06-2015 09:19
Grin battlelog pure shot shot and shot bang bang Angry .

29-06-2015 02:42
Bring the Battlefield.

Update Punkbuster manual

Step 1:

Click on Start (The windows flag)




Step 2:

Now click on "Computer"




Step 3:

Choose the Harddisk where you have Battlefield 3 installed.

Normal it would be the C: Driver. - Just like on the image below.




Step 4:

Now open the folder "Program Files (x86)".




Step 5:

Find the folder "Origin Games" and open it.

Tip: You can click on the letter O on the keyboard to jump down to the first letter with a O.




Step 6:

Now find the folder called "Battlefield 3" and open that.




Step 7:

Now go to the folder "_Installer".




Step 8:

Open the folder "punkbuster"




Step 9:

And open the folder "redist".




Step 10:

Dubble click on the software named "pbsvc".




Step 11:

Then this window will open.

It will ask you to Re-install or Un-Install/Remove.


Choose Un-Install/Remove.




Step 12:

Just like this can click on the "Next" Button.




Step 13:

A popup will alert you and ask if you are sure you want to remove this program.

Just click "Yes".




Step 14:

And another pop want you to agree with the "User License Agreement" - Just click "I Agree", if you do Agree with the.


- After clicking "I Agree" it will start the Un-installation.




Step 15:

After it's done it should look like this.

Look at the image below to see if it was a succes on your computer too.


Now just click "Finish".




Step 16:

Now go to

Look under the "Latest PB Versions" and Choose/Select "Battlefield 3".




Step 17:

Find the text saying "Software Updates" and click on "Download"




Step 18:

On this page you will see at the top a red text saying "NOTICE" and alittle to the right there will be a underlined text saying "PBSetup", click on it to continue.




Step 19:

And now will get to this page. (Yeah PB Page is a shit page ;D)

- Scroll down alittle till you find the download table.




Step 20:

Choose the Windows versio, the version which work "For All Windows Games".




Step 21:

Type in the security code and click "Download Now".




Step 22:

After the download is done, find the downloaded file.

It's named "pbsetup.rar".


- When you find it open it.




Step 23:

Dubble click on the "pbsetup.exe".




Step 24:

Click on the "I Agree" if you Agree with the "User License Agreement"




Step 25:

If you get this Box upbox, just click "OK".




Step 26:

Then this window will come up in front of the screen, because your installation was a succes.

Click on the button "Add a Game".




Step 27:

Click on the dropdown bar and choose "Battlefield 3".




Step 30:

Then it should look alittle like this.

The game Patch should by it self, find the Game Patch location.


Then just click "Add Game".




Step 31:

Then the Punkbuster setup should look like this, now choose "Check for updates".




Step 32:

Let it update for some mintures (depends on how fast your internet connection is).




Step 31:

After the update it will tell you the updateis finish.

Then just click "OK".




Step 32:

You can see the version of the update on the right side.

Look at the image if ur unsure where to view it.


- Just close/exit the program.




Step 33:

Click on Start (The windows flag)




Step 34:

Now click on "Computer"




Step 35:

Choose the Harddisk where you have Battlefield 3 installed.

Normal it would be the C: Driver. - Just like on the image below.




Step 36:

Now open the folder "Program Files (x86)".




Step 37:

Find the folder "Origin Games" and open it.

Tip: You can click on the letter O on the keyboard to jump down to the first letter with a O.




Step 38:

Now find the folder called "Battlefield 3" and open that.




Step 39:

Now go to the folder "_Installer".




Step 40:

Open the folder "punkbuster"




Step 41:

And open the folder "redist".




Step 42:

Dubble click on the software named "pbsvc".




Step 43:

Now choose "Install/Re-Install PunkBuster Service".

And click "Next".




Step 44:

Click on the "I Agree" again if Agree with the User License Agreement.


- The installation will start after clicking on the "I Agree"




Step 45:

Then it shouldgive you 3 "NO" and the rest should say "OK".

Just click "Next".




Step 46:

Here it will tell you the installation was a succes and without any errors.

Just click "OK"




Step 47:

And just click on the "Finish" button.




Step 50:

Now go back and click on the Windows start/Windows flag.




Step 51:

Click on the "Computer" link.




Step 52:

Choose the Hard driver you installed your Windows on, normal it would be on the "C:" Hard driver.

When you find out, click on it.




Step 53:

Now look after the folder called "Windows", and click on it.

- [INFO]; If you got a folder called "Windows.old" you shouldn't click on it that one, sinces it's outdated and doesn't have anything to do with your Windows anymore.


- [READ] You might get some alert boxes up on the screen, when you are entering this Windows folder. This alert box will tell you that, you're in the Windows system folders and so on, just click on the Yes button or Okay button. As long you don't delete anything your 100% safe, and nothing bad won't happent, don't worry ;-)




Step 54:

After entering the Windows folder look after the folder called "SysWOW64", when you find it click on it.




Step 55:

Now when you entered the "SysWOW63" folder see if you can find the 2 software(.exe) called

- PnkBstrA

- PnkBstrb




Step 56:

Right click on the PnkBstrA and choose "Run as administrator".




Step 57:

Do the same with "PnkBstrB

Right click on it, and choose "Run as administrator




Step 58:

After that exit/close the folder.

Go down to the Windows menu-bar right click on it and Choose "Start Task Manager".




Step 59:

Then the "Windows Task Manager" window will come up.

Click on the tab/fane called "Servies"




Step 60:

Then the window will show you all the programs which are running and those who stopped running.

Click on the button in the right bottom called "Services...".




Step 61:

Then this window will come up, which are basicly showing you the same details.

Scrolldown in the bar and find "PnkBstrA" and "PnkBstrB".




Step 62:

After you found them.

Click one time on it, and click on the "Stop the service" link.


- Look at the image if you are unsure where it is.




Step 63:

After that you can see the text "Started" is gone - look at the image the green box is showing you where it was before. Now click on PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB and click on the "Start the service" link.



Step 64:

Now both of them should be running.

Look at the image below to view how to can see it.


- Now exit/close the problem.




Step 65:

Go back to the "Windows Task Manager" find the "PnkBstrA" and "PnkBstrB" and see if they are running.

- If the are running, then happy gaming your problem should be fixed.




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