New Changes
Posted by Deception on March 29 2012 20:22:16

Hello dear users of battlelog.orgThere will be alot of updates and edits here on - because of Electronic Arts aka EA contacted my server host about this site had some copyright content which i didn't have perminisson to use. 

So they asked us to remove all copyright images from the site, i been trying to get in contact with them to make sure everything is removed so the we won't get in trouble but never heard back them so i guess everythine is fine now.


But because of that we're working on some new stuff to the site and it might make the site look alittle weird from time to time. But i'll get fixed - please bear with us. :3


In the main time got a new administrator/staff members to the site (Homie Simpson) which gonna help us out with tutorials, tips and tricks and so on. He allready made one tutorial for the site. It's a long Xbox 360 tutorials but it's pure quality.


Check it out here.

And Welcome Homie Simpsons to the site.